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Hastag 2018:


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The platform to create, win prizes, share and watch Christian videos.

FestivalPhos is an online contest that uses video spots to bring Christian values to our world. Our goal is to provoke and raise awareness against evil, showing the relevance of Jesus’ message, promoting visual creativity and offering a platform to Christian artists to publish and spread their productions.

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Three STEPS to participate in FestivalPhos 2018

1) Read carefully the RULES and make sure that your spot is adequate.
2) Fill in the INSCRIPTION form indicating your video’s information and your personal information.
3) Send your spot using WETRANSFER to medios@decision.plus. We will evaluate if your spot is adequate to the rules and will post it on Facebook so that people can give their vote on social media.

FestivalPHOS 2018

Hastag: #FreeSlavesPhos

Half of the victims of human trafficking are under 18 years old.

Human trafficking

This year the festival is centered around the theme of human trafficking de seres humanos. Currently the great majority of the victims of trafficking are women and kids. Nowadays around 27 million people are slaves in the world. Ninety percent of the women that practise prostitution in Spain are under slavery. Human trafficking moves 50.000 million euros around the globe annually. To love our neighbor is to raise awareness, work and set free XXI century slaves.

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FestivalPhos 2018

Spots can be either in Spanish or English and will last around 20 to 60 seconds.

2) Fill out the registration FORM with the following information: author/s: full name/s, address, zip code, city, state/province, e-mail, phone, sex, birth year, nationality. Must include the title, duration, and a synopsis or abstract which may not exceed 300 characters.

2) Fill out the registration FORM with the following information: author/s: full name/s, address, zip code, city, state/province, e-mail, phone, sex, birth year, nationality. Must include the title, duration, and a synopsis or abstract which may not exceed 300 characters.
3) Only spots that are short, do not use nudity, foul language, or copyrighted music or images will be accepted. The author will be responsible for the misuse of picture and music rights. The organization denies any and all responsibility.
4) The author will receive and email confirming the approval of your spot.
5) The artist can send more than one video. For each video he or she will have to fill out the inscription form.

6) No submissions will be accepted under fictitious authors who are not the product creators.
7) All awards, except the Audience Award, will be awarded by the panel consisting of one representative of each organizer, sponsor and partner of the Festival.
8) The Audience Award will be awarded online, according to the number of votes an ad receives posted on the Internet until the final day of voting.
9) The award ceremony will be announced on internet May 30th.
10) The organizer is entitled to the use and distribution of all listings submitted to the contest. The authors give the organization power to transfer to third parties, with the maximum temporary extension permitted by law and without limitation, all of the rights to exploit any advertising and spots submitted to the contest.
11) The spots for the contest will be posted on the oficial Facebook of Festival PHOS and the organization can solicit donations to raise funds.
12) The results presented by members of the panel will not be rated. The only one will be the Audience Award decided by popular vote.
13) The panel’s decision is final. Participation in this Festival implies acceptance of these rules.
14) The films have to be new and created to be released in FestivalPHos. Videos previously published will not be accepted.
15) If the award of the panel and the audience is the same, the audience award will be given to second most voted on our official Festival Phos Facebook page.

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Best actor award

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The FestivalPhos is a nonprofit project financed by donations from people who identify themselves with their goals. To continue offering and developing this platform, we also need your help. Help us continue. Even if you can’t donate today, you can still use and download our videos


The panel will evaluate the technical quality, creativity and content of the video. There is also and Audience Award that will be decided by the voters on Facebook.

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