About Us

FestivalPhos is an online contest that uses video spots to bring Christian values to our world. Our goal is to provoke and raise awareness against evil, showing the relevance of Jesus’ message, promoting visual creativity and offering a platform to Christian artists to publish and spread their productions. The FestivalPhos is organized by Decision in partnership with entities related to the visual production and our anual theme.
Decision is an evangelical nonprofit organization committed to promoting Christian values and communicating the message of Jesus Christ and showing its relevance for today’s society.
Our purpose is to serve people and churches seeking the advancement of justice, peace, freedom and hope, that includes both socially and spiritual, and developing projects that address the needs of human beings from a complete and comprehensive perspective. We understand that our mission is to bless the world with the love of God; therefore we work on social, cultural and religious initiatives.
With this vision, we develop activities that promote solidarity, unity, culture and growth of God’s people. We also offer resources to strengthen the work of churches; we investigate and report on the new needs of the mission; we organize International Conferences to promote unity in the evangelical church while working to disciple the youth through training and counselling courses.
We are registered as an organization with the Ministry of Justice with the number 2952 SE/A and are members of the Protestant Federation FEREDE.